Details Matter

The combined effect of charge master errors and suboptimal charge capture practices can mean thousands of erroneous bills and millions to the bottom line.

Despite vast technological advances in healthcare computing, three critical areas leave a hospital financially vulnerable. Compliance, integration, and revenue realization are highly dependent upon a dynamically changing set of rules and demand precise attention to detail. These rules are embodied in the hospital’s charge master and charge capture practices. The charge master is a monumental structure that is the keystone of hospital computing and contains the building blocks of all hospital orders, charges and bills.

The more a hospital relies on financial automation, the more it demands an expert’s touch in the care and maintenance of the hospital charge master. At CPI Experts, we take the guesswork out of charge master and charge capture optimization and compliance. Our professionals are specialists in interpreting regulatory requirements and translating them into a charge master and charge capture process that allows your hospital to produce accurate bills and submit claims successfully and in full compliance with Medicare.

The CPI Advantage

People… Process… Technology… Data

Hospitals that purchase software for the maintenance of their charge masters often find that they continue to experience challenges to operations that affect their revenue cycles. While a “clean” charge master is an important outcome, the ultimate goal is to ensure that clinical and financial processes result in accurate and complete patient documentation leading to compliant, complete, and allowable bills. As the mastermind behind charge definition and system integration, the ever-changing charge master can confound even the most organized and methodical financial management teams.

CPI Experts is unique among healthcare consultants in that they overlay a CDM-outward viewpoint upon the many linear transactions that occur in the healthcare setting. Our multi-faceted knowledge goes beyond charge detail, structure, coding, documentation, reimbursement regulations, and compliance guidelines. We ensure that people, process, technology, and data are working in sync toward a streamlined revenue cycle.

Our Clients

Our distinguished client list ranges from the largest hospital chains to the smallest rural community hospitals, and includes long-term acute care and critical access facilities. Hospitals of all sizes, specialties, and levels of sophistication depend upon “the expert’s touch” to achieve their revenue cycle and compliance goals.