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Rate Analysis Advantage™

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The burdens of Medicare compliance have been anything BUT paperwork reduction. Indeed, the cost of compliance activities and re-engineering processes threatens the very viability of most hospitals. While Medicare may rightly flex its muscles as the nation’s largest healthcare insurer, there is a significant volume of hospital service that’s well beyond Medicare’s reach.

For this reason, many hospitals are beginning to realize that improved revenue yield may come from looking where no one else is looking. “Price transparency” strategies offer an approach to optimizing revenue within the parameters of defensible, market sensitive pricing.

Rate Analysis Advantage™ is CPI Experts’ solution for hospital price transparency. Rate Analysis Advantage gives the hospital control over prices by adopting a best-fit price model tailored to the hospital’s unique geographic and market conditions. CPI Experts conducts a multi-variable assessment that matches hospital payor mix to adjusted MEDPAR data, and then benchmarks rates against CPI’s own proprietary average pricing database. The result is a comprehensive set of detailed pricing recommendations based on high, low, and average price profiles. CPI Experts then works with your hospital to implement a defensible pricing strategy, treading lightly in high visible, market-sensitive areas while ensuring a positive impact on the hospital’s bottom line.

Mining revenue—minding the market

Payor Mix

Revenue yield is dependent upon a hospitalís unique insurance matrix

Community Data

Publicly available Med-Par data is scrubbed and analyzed against your hospital’s actual usage to determine max, min and median prices in line item detail


We present a range of options and you choose the pricing profile that’s the best fit to your organization’s business and marketing strategy


We work with you in the trenches to implement detailed recommendations in strategic areas and guarantee realization of bottom line results

Market Sensitivity

The path from recommendation to reconciliation is guided by trained professionals in partnership with hospital’s leadership to ensure the transparency of price adjustments

Rate Analysis Advantage™ pays dividends to hospitals large and small. Whether a 25-bed rural hospital or a 600-bed regional hospital, CPI Experts will show you that the key to a healthier bottom line is the strategy you don’t see. More information >